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User Requirements and System Requirements

Generally the requirements engineering process follows below activities:

• Feasibility Study

• Requirements elicitation and analysis

• Requirements specification

• Requirements validation

In requirements specification contains user requirements and system requirements. The distinction between developing the user requirements and system requirements in the requirement engineering process as follows:

• Developing the user requirements are abstract statements. It’s described the system’s functions and features of customer needs. While system requirements are provided a more detailed explanation of the procedure.

• The user requirements must be develop in accepted language and might not be communicated in depth detail to tolerate certain execution flexibility. While the development of system requirements are much more detailed than the user requirements.

• In user requirements, the starting level of the project, development team may put interest on gathering good information, identifying the important things and understanding them correctly. In system requirements are implemented after user requirements have been established. The development of system requirement is important from the beginning of a project to end and beyond programmers must have the knowledge and skill to write program applications.

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